In a few weeks I will be leaving this wonderful country Canada to visit gorgeous Philippines! I will be gone for several weeks so lately I’ve been looking around for a nice backpack. I’ll need it to carry all my necessities, but at the same time I want it to have a little attitude and NOT look like a children’s school bag. I’ve seen several in the malls lately but none that stood out in their appearance or in how long they would last if I, perchance, go wandering in the jungle (a realistic possibility if I’m feeling adventurous)! After being so close to impulse buying a white canvas backpack, I remembered that I may actually own what I had been envisioning in my mind the whole time. So I went digging in the basement & sure enough, I found this old but perfect canvas backpack that is both fashionable as well as practical for adventuring in another country.

*p. s. I have been using this backpack a lot lately and I’m slowly getting used to the time it takes to open & close the buckles on this! After many years of having zippers or snaps on all my bags, I never realized that fastening buckles takes a lot more time than it seems.


2 thoughts on “Backpack”

  1. That’s a neat one. Travel light. And just so you may know, we’re on for the rainy season here in the Philippines. Good things is the scorching summer heat is slowly fading away. Welcome!

    1. Thanks! Ya for sure, I’ve been there a couple times to visit family but usually in July-August. I’m sure it’s still a lot hotter there than here in Canada :D

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