Adventuring Pt. 3


Last Tuesday I went to Bohol for a few days and while I was there I did so much! Oh and the photos for this post aren’t all from my iPhone just so you know! The above photo was taken while on a floating restaurant and we were surrounded by palm trees and a nice breeze. We passed by little waterfalls and on our way back to the dock we stopped by a stage where children danced and sang several songs for us. While we were eating we had a guitarist singing which I thought it was a nice touch. Below is the Baclayon Church which is supposed to be one of the oldest in all of the Philippines.

Below was one of my favourite places to visit! Now please forgive me for the quality of the photo, I couldn’t get too close and these tarsiers are quite small. The tarsiers are considered endangered and we looked at maybe three or four hiding in the shade under these big leaves. During the day they sleep like this guy, but we did catch them with their big eyes open a few times!

The Chocolate Hills, below, we’re pretty awesome to see from up high. We had to drive up a winding hill then climb up a bunch of steps to reach this beautiful view! On the drive to this spot we caught a glimpse of one or two at the side of the road but to see all of them around us was great. Talk to you guys later!



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