My Appreciations


My trip to the Philippines has come to a close and now I’m adjusting back into my regular routine. I have many great memories from this trip but I have also noticed some things that I appreciate of my home, Canada. Here is a list I’ve made of what I noticed while away from home.

1. Thank you Canada for having proper public toilets that:
a) do not require us to squat
b) have the toilet seat attached and,
c) have toilet paper available to use

2. When we decide to go out to get a bite to eat we have so many options available to us. We can have anything from burgers & fries, to foods from around the world. If our diet has specific requirements, we have the choice of multiple restaurants or fast food chains to go to. This is not the same for people in different parts of the world. Some people eat whatever is given to them that is available in their region and what is affordable to satisfy enough of their hunger. They do not have the choice to be picky and eat at restaurants that specify to their diet restrictions, it’s just a matter of eating something or not. This shows me how spoiled we are in North America to have anything we want available to us pretty much all the time.

3. Another thing that I stood out to me was personal space. I did not notice it right away but after being in the Philippines for a while, in the airports, malls and restaurants, I realized that compared with Canada, the Philippines feels very crowded. When going out to eat you are lucky to get a table and the noise of everyone talking around you can be overwhelming. So thank you Canada again for not being over crowded and allowing each of us living here so much personal space.

4. Homes. Our homes usually have a few bedrooms, couple of bathrooms, kitchen, numerous furniture, computers, and TVs, etc. We may have a backyard with a BBQ and other accessories that are available to us and this all seems very luxurious to me now. Many of the homes I’ve seen on my trip consist of a few small rooms where the cooking, sleeping and relaxing is done. The bathroom is not at all like ours and the house furnishings consist of the basics, but all the while I found that the people get by perfectly fine. They all seem very happy but lack something Americans don’t, the need to acquire more stuff! We all take for granted the money we earn and our ability to buy the things we need as well as what we don’t necessarily need then complain about it. Why can’t we be content with what we already have?

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts and I hope this gets you thinking!


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