Banff Camping 2012

Last week I was pretty sick. I had caught a cold after my big camping trip, but I knew the sickness was worth it because I had a really great time there in the mountains.

We arrived at our campsite late in the evening with daylight running out, but my boyfriend had planned ahead and got us a pop-up tent which worked perfectly. In no time at all we had everything set up and could relax by the fire, gazing at the multitude of stars up in the night sky. The next day would be a busy one so we got up, cooked up some scrambled eggs with toast and got on our way.

Our first adventure, which I was quite excited about, was canoeing! I had only gone once before but I absolutely loved it, so we planned to go to Lake Moraine where we could rent a canoe for a few hours. It was beginning to be a beautiful, hot day and we could tell that a lot of people were out celebrating the weather just like us. As soon as we were close to our destination we noticed more and more cars park on the side of the road, but we drove up to the parking lot to check if any one was leaving, but it didn’t appear to be so. As we were on our way to leave, a van pulled out and we got a perfect spot close to the lake! Curiously this would not be the only time this would happen to us on the trip. Anyways, once we got registered and set up with life jackets and paddles we got in our canoe and drifted away. We were surrounded by mountains, hot sunshine and the lake was a very cold but stunning clear blue. I felt that I was forcing my eyes wide the whole time because I wanted to capture everything in that moment; just surrounded by  overwhelming beauty.

After our great canoeing trip we took it easy the rest of the day and hung around the campsite, visiting with friends. The next day we didn’t really have much planned and it was starting out to be a lazy day. We walked around the town, visited Lake Minnewanka to dip in our toes, drove a little too, then decided we should go for a hike or something. We found a trail that goes up Cascade Mountain which took about 1.5 hours to go up, and at first it was difficult for me to get into the mood because the day started out very slow. But, as we started passing the fenced off holes in the ground from an old coal mine, then an old building with lots of graffiti I became more interested as to what we would find at the top. As we slowly reached the top we heard a low rumbling thunder but it was too late for us to turn around so we kept on trucking. Fortunately when we got to the top it was not raining and the view up there was spectacular. On our way back down we wanted to get back as soon as we could because the thunder was starting again but we made it just in time. We were exhausted and wanted to sit by the fire, but as soon as we got settled at our campsite it started raining. Since we could not cook outside we gave up, drove into town and ate at Boston Pizza for a hot meal and it was delicious.

On this same evening my boyfriend was starting to feel a little sick so we bundled up warm that night so hopefully it would go away. Unfortunately the next day I had a sore throat also! We got all of our stuff packed that morning, went out for breakfast and started heading for home. The next few days we were both sick but all in all it was a wonderful trip with plenty of stories to tell.


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