My New/ Old Hobby

These past few months I have been trying to figure out a hobby to focus on and become better at. I started making some random things like bracelets, clay dishes, etc. but I felt that once I completed a project I didn’t feel like returning to do it over again. I needed something that would be continually challenging, yet fun and interesting; one that can range over many subjects because my interest tend to jump all over the place. I had absolutely no idea what to do and I felt lost, until a week or two ago.

One day while I was daydreaming at my desk, I stumbled upon the idea of photography! I’ve always used cameras for special events and what have you, so I know the basics of taking a picture and what is involved for taking the picture to printing it. However, my knowledge is only very basic and there is a huge amount more that I can learn and excel at while still keeping me interested. This blog has allowed me to take pictures on a specific subject as well as edit them afterwards to get them perfect for public viewing which I enjoy a lot and adds to my reasoning to focus my energy on photography.

So, after I decided on photography, I needed a way to gain more skills. I soon made a trip to the bookstore, and after browsing for an hour or two, I didn’t really find what I needed. I did a little research then ordered a book online, Tom Ang’s Digital Photography Essentials and so far I really like it. It gives you lots of great tips, people and types of photography to research as well as exercises to do to develop your skills. These past few days I did a little practice with a few different cameras, point and shoot as well as DSLR, and here are some of my favorites so far and I hope you enjoy!


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