Fall Has Arrived

On one of my mini-adventures to a nearby park, I took several photographs that I really love. I tried going out of my comfort zone to capture a scene from different angles and I think it worked out pretty well. I’m still learning, slowly but surely, but I’m understanding more about how to photograph and the processes behind getting the perfect picture. It was slightly chilly out at the park, but the sun was setting beautifully so I had many chances to take some neat photos. This first photograph was just a practice shot of a tree and I didn’t realize it could look so different when you change your position.

This next one I was having trouble to get perfect, I felt it was missing something and I couldn’t put my finger on it. A few minutes later a couple passed by holding hands, and finally, I felt that the shot was complete. There was this gorgeous yellow tree, below, so I captured this one with student’s artwork in front, as well as another photo with a close up of the student’s art.

Near the end of my visit to the park, I passed by a fire station that looked very strange and metallic. It really stood out against the changing leaves of the trees and the green fields grass. There was also a structure of stairs that the firemen probably use for exercises or something. This outing to the park taught me quite a few things on photography and I hope to visit this park again once everything is cover in snow! Oh and p.s. I started a deviantART site too, 0karenalex0.deviantart.com .


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