It’s Christmas Time!

If you haven’t noticed that Christmas is coming, where have you been these past few months! Ever since September started, I’ve seen Christmas decorations in the stores, then they started playing Christmas music, and this month, radio stations have been playing non-stop Christmas music! With all this anxiety building up for Christmas, I have finally given in and I’m allowing myself to take part in the festivities too!

The house is starting to look very cheerful with the Christmas tree up and the many decorations all over. I have also started Christmas shopping which is getting me more and more in the Christmas spirit. To start the holiday season off right, I’ve taken some photographs around our Christmas tree. The tree looks beautiful and credit goes to my mother for decorating it. Now, I wanted to get a nice photo of my dog, George, in front of the tree, but he was being stubborn and kept running away. So the picture of him above is the best one I could get. He usually stays pretty still while I take his picture, but not this time, and look at the attitude below!

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and I’ll talk with you next time for another one of my photography adventures!


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