Holiday Inspiration

Wow, three more days to go everyone! I’m so excited for Christmas and for my trip in the mountains right after! It’s approaching fast so I thought I would share some things to get in the spirit of Christmas.Saxophone

  1. Christmas Jazz– Christmas music is all over the radio and I am really sick of listening to the same songs over & over again. It’s driving me crazy, almost to the point where I never want to hear another Christmas song again! To prevent going mad during the holiday season, I have found relief with one of my favorite playlists on Songza- Jazz Christmas.Music
  2. Live Music– If you have time check out some live Christmas carolers, there should be some singing for free this time of year. It can help to ease stress from the holidays by forgetting about your to-do lists; just pause and listen.
  3. Charlie Brown Christmas– classic. That is all.
  4. Cooking– Try making some Christmas cookies! There are many easy recipes out there that you can add a Christmas touch to, like these… Gingerbread Cookies (looks so good I have to make them), Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (healthy?),  Pomegranate Tequila!Snowman
  5. Lights– Check out the light displays on the houses around the neighborhood, some of them can get really insane!Frost on Window
  6. Enjoy the Snow– If the weather is tolerable outside, why not enjoy it? Try going out skating, sledding, snowboarding, skiing, or for a nice little walk. It might make you happier to enjoy, instead of despise, the cold weather; then before you know it, summer will be here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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