My Vegan Challenge

Vegan Stir FryAbout three weeks ago I decided to be vegan. I came to this decision after watching the documentary Vegucated plus I always thought it would be better to eat more veggies and less meat. I didn’t really understand the difference between vegetarian and vegan, but after watching the documentary and researching them both, I told myself I would take on the challenge.

The first week I completely cut out meat and limited my intake of milk and eggs. At first it was ok, I did some grocery shopping and started cooking some basic meals. The first few days were good, but after three or four days it became a pain having to plan and cook all of my meals. That weekend I wanted to get a quick bite to eat but I had no idea where I could go! This frustrated me and I felt like giving up. However I decided not to give in and take this change one step at a time. Right now I consider myself a vegetarian making as many vegan choices as I can.

Now that I’m easing into veganism, I feel happy. I am learning a lot and it’s getting easier planning meals and cooking. After asking around I found out what vegan options are available and I’ve visited an organic grocery store that has so many great options for me! This experiment so far is working and I’m feeling great with more healthy food in my body, hopefully I stick with this for a long time :)

(The photo up top is a Ginger Beef Stir Fry recipe replacing beef for Seitan)


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