Herb Garden

SuppliesIt’s that time of year again to do a little gardening. Now, looking out my window it may not seem like a great time to start gardening but that’s not going to hold me back because I’m ready for spring!

So last week I went out to get some supplies, and I found a nice greenhouse that would be perfect to start my herb garden. I’ve thought about starting one for a while, and since I’ve been cooking a lot this year (My Vegan Challenge) I figured it would be better to have herbs on hand. Plus, it saves you money by picking ingredients from your garden and not the grocery store.

So I picked up some seed packets (cilantro, dill, parsley and basil), watered the little disks of soil, waited for them to expand then planted my seeds. I’ve place this greenhouse by my bedroom window and now just wait for the magic to happen!



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