Let’s Go for a Ride

Bike PathSlowly but surely the weather is getting nicer so I’ve been thinking it’s time to get my bicycle out. This is one of the things I’ve been saying I’ll do but never actually put in the effort, so this year I am changing all that! Because it is my year of experimentation. I will push myself to ride my bike whenever I need to pickup something nearby or to visit. The only reason I put it off is because I don’t have time to ride my bike when my car gets me where I want to go fast. So if you feel like me and need some motivation for riding your bike here are some of the benefits that I thought of:

1. Less Driving: Driving is great when you need to go somewhere a ways away at a specific time, but what about when you need to pick up some groceries? You have the time so why not go on a wonderful bike ride? You will save money on gas, which is big because gas is always going up. With less gas to buy, the more money you will have in your pocket which could go toward a fun road trip or music festival! Also with less driving & less gas you are helping the environment. Earth is our home so why not take care of it?

2. Exercise: Do you find yourself saying you don’t have time to workout? Well if you use your bike as transportation you will get so much exercise and who doesn’t want to be fit! We get bombarded everyday that we need exercise to stay healthy and avoid diseases so choose to ride your bike. You will feel great from the exercise and from making a positive choice for your health, you may make the same decision again.

3. Me Time: How often do you tell yourself you need some ‘me time’ to recharge? Go for a bike ride and enjoy all the personal time you want. When you ride it’s just you and the bike. There’s no need to check your phone, complete another task on your to-do list or worry about taking care of someone’s needs. Imagine having fewer distractions, less technology and less noise allowing you to sort of meditate to bring you back to yourself and your needs.

4. Smell the Roses: On the daily we are always is a rush. We rush in the mornings, rush to get to work, rush to complete our work, rush home, make dinner quickly then crash! What if we take a moment to slow this train down by going for a casual bike ride with no particular destination. What will you notice that you haven’t before? Is there a beautiful rose-bush growing on the same road you drive everyday? Have they added new benches by the bicycle path? Why don’t you take a seat and allow all of your surroundings to sink in?

I hope this motivates me to get my butt on my bike… I will definitely be looking back on this post to remind myself of the all the great things that come from bike riding.


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