Dusting Off That Bike


Today is the day. The day I went for my first bike ride of the season! I dug out my ride; made sure everything was in working order and just took off. All the variables seemed to fit into place: sun shining, check; tires inflated, check; free time, check; and a biking companion, check. Nothing was holding me back on a day like today.

As we got going it was a little shaky at first but soon enough the wind was flowing though our hair, the sun glancing over our skin with the sounds of a slight breeze and our laughter in the air. I had forgotten how much freedom you can feel when you’re cycling.

More thoughts came to mind of a simpler time as a child. A bunch of the neighbor kids and I would have races around the block, which may or may not have ended up in injuries. I remember riding by the river amongst the trees; have the time of my life. This was also a way my father and I bonded, traveling down a quiet road nearby past the cemetery. It seemed so beautiful on the many sunny afternoons we took and I figured it was a perfect place to rest in peace. With all these memories flashing through my mind, I realized just how much the act of riding a bike means to me.


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