Creating an Inspiring Workspace


Recently I was thinking about how to create an inspiring space to write. I haven’t had a specific area where I write, but since returning from my Iceland trip, I feel like the creative person inside me is eager to create! There are several trinkets from this vacation that will need a home and would be great for inspiration, plus I planted another indoor herb garden which will always work.

For this creative space I want to keep it fairly simple. It would be too easy to find a bunch of ‘inspirational things’ to add, when in reality my mind would be so overwhelmed. Some things of mine that I would like to include in this new space are:

  • My Newly Planted Herbs: creating feelings of growth, change, and curiosity.
  • Color Changing Buddha: inspiring peace, fun, inner strength, beauty, and acceptance.
  • Tea Light Lantern: for energy, innovation, danger, hope, movement and warmth.

I’m also thinking to incorporate some beautiful fabric from different countries, which I actually found an abundance of on Etsy, and possibly some words of poetry that will expand my mind even further. Once my little project is finished I will update you guys on the finished product, thanks for stopping by!


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