Elk Island ParkThis year I’ve been trying to incorporate meditation into my life. I’ve heard of the many benefits of doing it regularly so I wanted to try it out. I do it as often as I can and when I get busy I remember to do it the next day.

At first I started simple, sitting quietly for 3 minutes, focusing on my breath with my eyes closed. This 3 minutes out of my day fits in easily because it doesn’t take much effort or planning at all. Now I have increased the time to 10 minutes at around the same time each day and I always feel in a better and in peaceful mood afterwards. I hope to add a morning meditation on top of the afternoon meditation I currently take part in.

Meditation is an easy task to repeat because after meditating I find myself at peace with whatever my day has confronted me with and I find it easier to get over stressful situations. Whenever something troubles me I take a moment to focus on my breath and refocus my attention on what is important. Sometimes our minds need to slow down & relax just as much as our bodies do, so when we take the time to meditate our minds will become stronger and better able to cope with anything.

If you are interested in meditation but don’t know how to begin I highly recommend reading the post Meditation: The Most Fundamental Habit written by Leo Babauta. I love reading his posts because they are very inspiring with simple steps that anyone can follow; enjoy everyone!


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