Summer Reflections


Summer is slowly winding down, but luckily while I write this post I’m enjoying the last bits of radiant sunshine! I am so grateful for the past few months where I experienced  many things, both new & old, as well as meeting some interesting new people. I valued this summer more than others because in the months before it seemed a lot of people, including myself, experienced a family loss. With this in-your-face sign of how fragile life is, I did not want to take my summer for granted.

With this motivation in mind I pushed myself to try new things. I chose to make time and go cycling, travel the world both near and far, learn to ride a motorcycle, visit the aftermath of a nearby flood, participate in the Color Me Rad 5K, practice my photography, meditate, read, take care of my garden, and spend time with people I care most about. Some of my goals weren’t that easy but I stuck with it and accomplished my summer goals.

The warm weather of the summer sets us free to do anything we want to. Now that fall and winter are creeping upon us, we shouldn’t think of it as a limiting experience but as an opportunity for growth and development. Will we learn some new skills, perhaps take a snowboarding or skating lesson? Or will we put our self out there and meet new people? Let us make some new goals for the winter to accomplish before summer comes calling again!


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