FireThe other day I was wandering around the book store once again when something caught my eye. It was a book called The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency by Anna Hess and I wanted to learn more. I didn’t understand what a homesteader was, but from what I read in the store it sounded like it was up my alley. Homesteaders, defined in this book, are people who “want to be healthy, happy and cheerfully self-sufficient” growing food on whatever amount of land you have. I was pulled towards this book because lately I’ve had the mentality of living simply, becoming more self-reliant and trying to create less impact on our environment. I’ve already started growing vegetables & herbs, composting and eating less animal products which this book seems to expand on, sharing many ideas to experiment with.

The idea of homesteading is quite attractive because we can grow our food knowing exactly how and what was involved in the process instead of purchasing food that companies have pressured us to consume. Witnessing the transformation of living things allow us to appreciate the wonder of life enriching our lives as well. Now I know we can’t grow all our food, but with this state of mind we may take greater care choosing the foods we buy and why. Theses ideas can spread to other areas of our lives by consuming less stuff, considering where it all comes from and the impact it all has on the environment. I will continue reading this valuable book and share with you projects that this book inspires!


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