Simplicity Pt. 1

SimplicityFor the month of November I will be setting a goal for myself to simplify; for me this means getting rid of life’s excesses. I will focus on consuming less, getting rid of things I have but don’t use, and focusing my energies on the people & things that add value to my life. I find myself acquiring many things like books, different hobby material and clothing that I use once then forget about which seems wasteful and is what I want to change this month.

To start this change I will be going through a bunch of my stuff and getting rid of the things I don’t need or use anymore. After that I will take a week to examine what I am frivolously spending money on then set up a plan to reduce it. The final week of November will be focused on showing appreciation for all what I have in my life. Here is my plan for the month:

  • Week #1: I have a lot of paperwork (bank statements, bills, etc.) to go through at my desk which I would like to separate and, hopefully one day, track so I have a better idea on where my money is going. All my mail just gets opened, put away and then forgotten so I would like to organize this section of clutter.
  • Week #2: I will go through my closet & shoe collection to see what I don’t wear anymore then give these away to someone else that would benefit from having them.
  • Week #3: Examine my bank statements & receipts (that are now organized) and find out where my money is going. Do I eat out too much, shop too much or do I have bills that I can cut right out?
  • Week #4: This week I will focus some time out of my day to spend with the important people in my life. To show my appreciation for them I will communicate how much I care and be more understanding when they have a bad day.

I would like to continue these steps after the month of November to maintain simplicity in my life and hopefully it gives me a new and positive outlook.


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