New Beginning

BerriesIt’s a beautiful day today and has been for the past few weeks, spring will be here shortly and I’m feeling very optimistic. It will be a different spring for me than others because as of a couple of months ago I am living on my own! I found a nice apartment with my boyfriend and so far it’s been a nice change. It started out as a strange experience with so much to lean along the way but now I’m feeling settled, relaxed and in control.

Having my own place, even if I don’t have a yard, I knew I would have to have a garden. I’ve already started some veggie seeds which are growing wonderfully. We have great south-facing windows and my plants love it. Some seeds that I’ve started are purple beans, bell peppers, garlic chives, mint, lavender, lettuce and some fragrant flowers. I think today I will start my tomato seeds because last year had several baskets of tomatoes at the end of the season!

Spring is also the time to plan which I am quite excited about. I have a couple of big travel plans to prepare for but I may fit in some weekend road trips and camping trips for the summer. With summer just out of reach I’ve got fitness on the mind to prepare for bathing suit season. I am so glad the weather has finally started to warm up because I’ve already gone on many walks and I want to go to the park every evening even if there are so many big puddles, hello rain boots! But I can’t wait for all the snow & gravel to be gone so I can go on bike rides again. I am just getting too excited just thinking about what a wonderful year we have ahead of us!


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