All of Your Stars

You are a universe,
Composed of infinite galaxies.
Millions of pieces gathered together
Create but a fraction.
Your being,
A destiny through happenstance,
Is so beautifully unique.

The fire inside warms your spaces;
Creases in your skin like
Rivers that mark the Earth;
Eyes unmasking the unknown.
You are amazing and so very complex,
With all of your stars.


Handmade Creations


The past month I was in need of a creative outlet to relieve some stress and focus my mind. I wasn’t sure what direction to go into until I remembered learning to crochet when I was young. This seemed like the perfect activity to explore, so I found a simple scarf pattern, collected the neccessaey supplies and began this new journey. As soon as I refreshed myself on the basics, I began my first project and was sucked in. It was a simple┬ámeditation with my mind absorbed by the creative process and outside stresses non-existent. Once the project was complete, I felt proud to have a piece of functional clothing created by hand. I was eager to create more, so I made another scarf for a friend and some lovely fingerless gloves to challenge myself. The only question, now, is what to create next?

Spot on the Ceiling

Is that a fly on the ceiling
Or are my eyes deceiving my brain?
Could it be a hole… a black hole
Carrying extraordinary mass?

I feel it pull me closer, closer
Until I am contained in the nothingness.
There is no escape
Just me and the darkness…

I’m pretty sure there’s a hole in the ceiling.