Panic Attack

Stress is a dangerous monster,
It builds slowly, silently. 
You have to make everyone else happy, 
Keep the status quo. 
But odd symptoms of the body 
Open the window to the monster inside. 
And you ignore it. 
There’s nothing wrong, 
Don’t be so sensitive, it’s life. 
However the smallest puncture
Of the balloon that is your emotions, 
Explode into a fury on the body, 
Uncontrollable, frightening, suffocating. 
What’s happening to me, 
What is this? You say. 
But deep down inside you know,
You are overwhelmed. 
So many changes and worries
You can do nothing about, 
Except to find an escape
So you can breathe in air again.



Dirt on my hands, 
I’m stained, tattooed by the earth. 
I am the earth;
Evolved from and will die within. 
My preconceptions gone, 
I am dirty and I love it.


Life is subjective.
How can we understand the reality,
Devoid of emotion and memories,
When our eyes are blind to what is?

The perception of circumstances,
Tainted by life.
Subtle layers collecting like dust,
Unseen year after year.

How can we make clear decisions,
When all we can grasp
Is a thread of the tapestry?
Life is finite.


I am flawed. 
I want to love myself more 
And speak up, instead
Of being ashamed.

My thoughts are important 
And deserve to be heard. 
My dreams are important 
And deserve action.

Feeling sad or mad is
Nothing to hide. 
In this moment
We are all loved.

Tell me really
What’s wrong? 
I am here to

Me & LSP

I call my stomach LSP, that’s
Lumpy Space Princess by the way.
For the most part we have a good
Relationship, until she becomes a problem.

Our quarrels tend to occur
When I want to wear those jeans.
The infamous jeans that
Only fit on a good day.

We fight back and forth,
But reach the same conclusion.
LSP, triumphant in victory,
Leaving me broken and alone.

I slowly pull my life back together and
She’s out of my mind for a time.
Until, once again, she’s in a bad mood
To engage in our ongoing struggle.

Mom’s Cooking

Garlic and onions sauté,
The smell so intoxicating.
With natural instinct I am led
To the center of it all.

Mom stands there with
Confidence and purpose.
Stove tops and rice cookers on,
Knife in hand.

The aromas of the vegetables
And the sauces bombard
My nostrils.
I have joined her cause.

We laugh and cook,
Dance and sing.
Just like old times,
We are brought together again.

Elevated Soul

Drums break the silence and
My being is called to attention.
I am here, totally present,
A sense of joy is slowly rising.

The vocals fade in flawlessly,
I am taken to another place.
Just me and the music
In perfect synchronicity.

Layers of sound fill the room and
My body instinctively takes over.
Bobbin’, hoppin’, shaking and quaking,
There is no logic or thought.

I am set free. I am love.


Text displayed piercing & cold,

My heart suddenly plunges.

Dad’s age shoved in my face,

Little lamb lost in the fold.


His words being smothered

By heavy storm clouds.

Intangible, invisible;

His thoughts go unheard.


My whole being in shock,

What the hell do I do?

A slap of loving advice

Open my mind, unlock.


Take him to the hospital,

Something must be wrong.

How could this have happened?

Where’s the doctor to make a call?


Hours pass towards the unknown.

Hysterical laughter creeps in,

We are not … mad,

Inside losing control.


There are no answers.

The Skirt


Too pretty
Too cute
Too sexy