All of Your Stars

You are a universe,
Composed of infinite galaxies.
Millions of pieces gathered together
Create but a fraction.
Your being,
A destiny through happenstance,
Is so beautifully unique.

The fire inside warms your spaces;
Creases in your skin like
Rivers that mark the Earth;
Eyes unmasking the unknown.
You are amazing and so very complex,
With all of your stars.


An Icelandic Road Trip


I have just returned from an amazing journey; these past couple of weeks I was on a road trip around Iceland! I didn’t know much about Iceland at first and I thought it was covered in ice (that’s actually Greenland…). But after much research and admiring the many, many beautiful photos I knew this would be a wonderful vacation, and it most certainly was.


We did a driving tour through Nordic Tours, which I highly recommend, and everything about it went smoothly. As soon as I landed it felt like I was on a strange planet. The fields we rocky & barren which was so unreal I couldn’t believe my eyes and this feeling continued for the rest of the trip. All the drastically changing scenery as we drove around the country was breath taking.


Some of the activities we did on this trip were a lot of sight-seeing: waterfalls, glaciers, geysers and black sand beaches. Then we went snorkeling, swimming in geothermal pools, whale watching, boat riding, horse riding and exploring all the different towns. The people were very friendly and it helped that mostly everyone spoke English. There are so many things to do & explore in Iceland especially if you love the outdoors. I can not express how amazing this country is!