You are something else.
With one word you pierce
Through the armor
I’ve built up for years.  

You force my eyes open
So my ego can see,
Even though I hurt,
I am loved, whole and alive.

The rhythm of your syllables,
Sweet whispers and
Caresses of love, 
Take me back home.


Elevated Soul

Drums break the silence and
My being is called to attention.
I am here, totally present,
A sense of joy is slowly rising.

The vocals fade in flawlessly,
I am taken to another place.
Just me and the music
In perfect synchronicity.

Layers of sound fill the room and
My body instinctively takes over.
Bobbin’, hoppin’, shaking and quaking,
There is no logic or thought.

I am set free. I am love.


Text displayed piercing & cold,

My heart suddenly plunges.

Dad’s age shoved in my face,

Little lamb lost in the fold.


His words being smothered

By heavy storm clouds.

Intangible, invisible;

His thoughts go unheard.


My whole being in shock,

What the hell do I do?

A slap of loving advice

Open my mind, unlock.


Take him to the hospital,

Something must be wrong.

How could this have happened?

Where’s the doctor to make a call?


Hours pass towards the unknown.

Hysterical laughter creeps in,

We are not … mad,

Inside losing control.


There are no answers.