All of Your Stars

You are a universe,
Composed of infinite galaxies.
Millions of pieces gathered together
Create but a fraction.
Your being,
A destiny through happenstance,
Is so beautifully unique.

The fire inside warms your spaces;
Creases in your skin like
Rivers that mark the Earth;
Eyes unmasking the unknown.
You are amazing and so very complex,
With all of your stars.


Good Morning


This morning as I got up, my mind began the process of listing what I need to take care of. Get ready for work, remember what needs to be done at work, eat, don’t forget this, am I doing anything later, etc. So, after breakfast, I collected my things and headed for my car. As I stepped outside, the darkness hadn’t changed from the night before and I could feel the cool air on my face. My head tilted upwards at the dark, early morning sky and soon the nagging thoughts vanished. Up above me was a bright, beautiful crescent moon surounded by glistening stars. I was taken aback by this display and I realised that the thoughts in my head were insignificant. We are lucky to be part of this amazing world and in the day to day, we tend to forget it. Push aside those small worries in your head and know that you can be as brilliant as the stars and planets in the sky. I hope you all have a great morning!

Yoga Night


It’s almost time for bed, but being in a reflective mood I thought I would share my thoughts on the day. I have been very productive: taking care of errands, raking the grass then finally going to Restore & Renew yoga. I always find it revitalizing to end the day with some yoga because it allows you to release all the tension from the day, both physically & mentally, and it prepares your for a good night sleep. I was also in need of some good stretching because my muscles were so tight from all the yard work. Once class began I could feel my tense muscles slowly releasing and bringing me back to focusing on my body and what it needs at that moment. Sometimes we forget to listen to what our bodies need and get stuck on autopilot, always on the go. We need to take the time to slow down and acknowledge what our bodies are telling us so we don’t end up overwhelmed by everyday stresses.