Don’t We Know?

You are loved.
You are important.
You are beautiful.

You are whole
And don’t need anyone
To fill you up.

You are intelligent
And have a voice
That should not be suppressed.

You are not property.
You do not have to do anything
To please another.

Your skin is gorgeous
And your body is
perfect just as it is.

You are not “emotional”,
You are a human being
With a precious gift to feel.

You can ask for help.
It is not a sign of weakness
But a source of strength.

Your thoughts are not silly.
How you see the world
Is completely unique to you.

You can love yourself.


Goal Accomplished

Thursday was a very successful day for me. I conquered a major goal that I’ve been waiting many years to complete. I passed my Motorcycle Road Test and in a couple of weeks I will be legally able to ride a motorcycle! This goal was important to me for a couple of reasons: as a child I spent quality time with my father by hopping on his scooter and because many people have said I can’t do it.

Going with my Dad for bike rides brings back happy memories for me. He had less health problems back then and was capable of doing many tasks. A memory that has stuck with me over the years was when my Dad would pick me up at my elementary school at the end of the day and I would put on my super rad helmet, hop on his scooter, and take off. It was never a long ride home but I always felt free and content. On other trips we would go to a nearby swimming pool down the windy, bumpy road and I thought it was the best thing ever! I think I treasure these joyful moments so much because they were all before a great family tragedy that would change my Dad forever.

Now, I am a 5′ 2″ female and I believe you can guess how many times I have been told I shouldn’t, or just can’t, ride a motorcycle. They usually suggest I get a cute little scooter that I can do my errands with. This is one of those instances where I feel the need to say, “Screw that, I’m doing it!” Whenever someone feels the need to tell me I can’t do something I get a sudden urge to do the opposite. I hate it when people underestimate me so I must prove them wrong! This is another reason why I followed through completing a weekend motorcycle course then passing my Motorcycle Road Test. I wont’ lie, I was nervous at first and intimidated by the idea of riding a motorcycle, but once I learned the skills to safely operate it I had an absolute blast. I stumbled a bit along the way and at one point I questioned whether this was right for little ol’ me. But, I persevered and accomplished my goal.

Who would have thought one simple test could mean so much? I guess I’m chasing old memories that I can never get back and trying to take control of my life…